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Z29 Single Piece Water Cap (Fig.)


1. Introduction:

Z29 single piece water cap is made of high-performance plastic bottle cap special material. When the opening torque is 5 ~ 17 inch-lbs, it can be used safely and has excellent sealing effect. It can be used for filling normal temperature water.

2. Product specification:

Cap weight (g)                       total weight                                                 1.35 ± 0.15

External dimension (mm)      cap height                                                    11.5 ± 0.3

cap maximum outer diameter                     33.0 ± 0.3

outer diameter of anti-slip tooth (3 mm)      31.15 ± 0.3.


3. Application parameters:

Bottle mouth standard: 29 / 25 standard neck

Cap model: Z29

Cap material: PE

Recommended top pressure setting: 20 ± 4kg

Recommended static torque setting: 15 ± 3 inch-lbs (14 ~

Opening torque: 5 ~ 17 inch-lbs (6 ~

The recommended on-line opening torque control range: 7-17 inch-lbs (


The above application parameters are summarized from the filling test on Krones and other capping machines in Germany. When Z29 cap is used, appropriate test and adjustment may be needed.

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