The Zhongzheng Company products

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Our company Zhangjiagang Zhongzheng Import and Export Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with integrated turnkey solutions for liquid products intelligent plant. Our company can provide for engineering, designing, building and providing environmentally friendly technology for liquid bottling filling line, and we also provide relative products such as laboratory instruments, PET/PC bottles, glass bottles, caps, preforms, and raw material etc. 

For a long time, our company has been engaged in the field of beverages, dairy products, liquor, condiments and daily chemical products, and providing users with the global water treatment, pre-treatment, PET bottle blowing, filling, two times packaging, robot palletizing, intelligent equipment workshop and other sets of intelligent equipment and turnkey comprehensive solutions. From product bottle shape 3D design to the overall engineering layout of the user's factory, from the installation and commissioning of engineering projects, training of operators, to the maintenance and Trusteeship of customer's equipment, we have always maintained our tenet of making customers feel at ease and reassuring. The market covers the whole country and is sold to more than 20 countries and regions abroad.