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Edible Oil Filling Machine (Weighing Type) 5L

3000BPH 5L Edible Oil Filling Machine

Basic parameters

Equipment model


filling volume


Number of filling heads


Number of cover heads




Filling Logistics

Edible oil

Filling speed


Weighing Module

Flintec   (Germany)

Filling valve

Weighing and filling

Each filling valve is controlled by an   independent cylinder to prevent dripping and splashing.

Cover method

The way of catching and releasing the cover

Spring force gland

Total power


Main power supply

AC   380V × 3 + N + G 50 Hz or according to the customer's local standard

control voltage

DC   24V

compressed air

0.6-0.8   MPa

350   NL/MIN

Filling Precision

Filling accuracy: ≤   ± 2.0 g (1 σ value based on 5L product)

Overall efficiency

≥   95%

Overall dimensions of main engine



About 8000kg

Conveying height



2. Equipment Overview

The filling container (bottle) is transported to the bottle-feeding place, divided into corresponding intervals, and then fed into the bottle-feeding star wheel. The bottle inlet star wheel moves the bottle to each bottle supporting plate of the filling machine. The bottle mouth is aligned with the center of each filling head, and the filling machine drives each container to rotate together. When the filling valve reaches a certain angle, the filling valve is opened to start filling, and each weighing module measures timely, When the set weight value is reached, the filling valve is closed. The bottle is rotated with the filling machine into the middle star wheel, and then reaches the capping machine. At the same time, the cover is sent to the lid arranging device by the cover lifting machine. It sent to the cover of the distributor. At this time, if a bottle is sent to the capping machine, the capping head will grab (or suck) the lid. According to the curve of the capping cam, the capping arm rises or descends. At the same time, the cap is placed on the bottle mouth and pressed (or tightened) to complete the capping action. Finally, the bottle is sent from the capping machine to the bottle outlet star wheel and then to the bottle delivery chain, thus completing the whole process of filling and capping.

The equipment adopts the technology of weighing and filling, and the filling measurement is accurate. The average filling accuracy of the product can reach the filling positive deviation ≤ 2G.This series of products are widely used in precision filling of large capacity and high value-added liquid materials, such as honey, edible oil, car lubricating oil, brake fluid, high-grade sanitary products. The product application has corresponding configuration and solution.

The filling machine is based on the principle of self-weight filling, and the communication between the electronic weighing device and the external operation panel. Filling machine and capping machine are integrated.


3. Equipment structure

The equipment is composed of filling machine, capping machine, rack platform, transmission device, star wheel device, capping machine, cap lifting machine, electric control system, etc. The host is intelligent and humanized, with automatic interlock protection function, automatic circulation cleaning function, automatic fault inquiry function, alarm function, capacity counting function, manual automatic function, and equipped with safety and environmental protection Cap.

The filling machine is composed of material cylinder, filling valve, weighing module, mounting plate, bottle supporting platform, lifting device, transmission device, emptying cylinder recover device, etc.


  1. 1)     Machine feature

  • ·All parts and pipes in contact with materials shall be made of high-quality food grade stainless steel

  • ·Food grade rubber or PTEE material shall be selected for sealing parts in contact with materials

  • ·The filling tank is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. The inner and outer surfaces are sanitary polished, and the inner surface is highly polished. There is no dead corner in the tank to ensure good liquid flow and sanitary discharge requirements.

  • ·The filling valve and its components are made of high-quality food grade stainless steel with very high finish, easy discharge, and barrier free laminar flow. The parts in the filling machine that contact with the products are copper free parts.

  • ·High quality weighing module imported from Germany.

  • In the weighing module, the target filling volume and precise filling volume can be set, and the filling valve can be controlled for fill quickly or slowly.

  • The lifting of filling machine is driven by motor and controlled automatically.

  • ·The emptying cylinder recover device can realize the emptying of the pipeline and the products in the material cylinder, which is convenient for the filling product conversion;

  • ·The valve closing structure ensures the minimum impact in the process of filling and closing (the upper part is throttled first, the valve nozzle outlet is closed, and the material flow rate is very slow when closing), so as to avoid material splashing and improve the measurement accuracy;

  • ·Built in cylinder, better control precision and flow rate;

  • The valve body is equipped with auxiliary guide to ensure that the material is poured vertically into bundles, and the product perfusion is more stable and the foam production is reduced.

  • ·The air control part is completely separated from the filling valve nozzle, which is more clean and hygienic;

  • ·The air control part is equipped with a normally closed spring to ensure that the filling valve is in a normally closed state;

  • ·With the quick assembling structure, the whole assembly and disassembly of the valve mouth are more convenient;

  • ·High hygiene, no product cut-off and contact with air;

  • ·It adopts advanced filling system, which is simple and easy to use. At the same time, it can automatically adjust the filling speed according to the speed of incoming and outgoing bottles;

  • ·The buffer tank has built-in high-level alarm device, which can be installed with quick flushing nozzle according to customer requirements, which can realize the fast switching of oil products;

  • ·Liquid level protection of oil cylinder: in addition to the normal working level control, the liquid level detection of high and low levels and sound and light alarm devices are added to prevent abnormal liquid level; the main engine of abnormal liquid level will automatically alarm and shut down, and at the same time, it can control the feed valve or feed pump.

  • ·The main engine is equipped with stainless steel sealing and environmental protection frame, with cleaning fluid, waste liquid collection tank and discharge port. The parts directly contact with materials are processed with high-quality stainless-steel materials. The outsourcing material department is made of SUS304 stainless steel



  1. 2)     Capping machine and capping machine:

  2. Ø  ·The whole set of equipment filling and capping machine design, so as to improve the production capacity.

  3. Ø  ·Rotary cap trimmer, brand motor reducer, lower Cap slot, with electronic no Cap detection system, automatic control of the machine and the whole machine running speed.

  4. Ø  ·The inclined plate Cap arranging machine system (selected according to the height of the workshop) is adopted.

  5. Ø  ·The turntable of capping machine is equipped with Cap detection to prevent excessive Cap and over reading.

  6. Ø  ·The Cap channel of the machine is equipped with a reverse Cap automatic identification and elimination device and a manual discharge device.

  7. Ø  ·The Cap feeder sends the Cap to the scape, and then places the Cap opening downward on the Cap wearing point.

  8. Ø  ·The Cap bin and the lower Cap groove are equipped with an electronic no Cap detection system, which can automatically control the running speed of the machine and the whole machine.

  9. Ø  ·It adopts the working principle of taking Cap, placing Cap and capping. If there is no bottle, no Cap will be given and no Cap will be taken.

  10. Ø  ·According to the different Cap types, we can choose the appropriate way to grab the Cap (Cap, manipulator, vacuum suction, etc.).

  11. Ø  ·The pressure of gland is adjustable;

  12. Ø  ·It can be used as a container and the height of the pressure head can be adjusted;

  13. Ø  ·Suitable for plastic bottle sealing;

  14. Ø  ·With the missing Cap detection and elimination device.


  1. 3)     Vessel detection and alarm system

  2. Ø  ·Container with unqualified weight;

  3. Ø  ·uncovered container


  1. 4)     Rack platform

  2. Ø  ·It is welded with high quality carbon steel plate, and the upper surface and periphery are Caped with 304 stainless steel plate;

  3. Ø  ·A sewage tank is set around the platform for centralized sewage discharge, which is conducive to product health control;

  4. Ø  ·Large CNC machining center is used for one-time positioning processing to ensure higher machining accuracy, reduce low wear when the equipment is running at high speed, and prolong the service life of the equipment.


  1. 5)     Transmission system

  2. Ø  ·SEW brand is selected for main power motor;

  3. Ø  ·A main motor provides the main force to ensure the mechanical synchronization of all transmission parts;

  4. Ø  ·Frequency converter control, stepless adjustment of production speed according to requirements;

  5. Ø  ·Mainly for gear transmission, gear pair of soft and hard tooth surface mesh, stable operation, low noise;

  6. Ø  ·All parts are designed to be installed in a way that is easy to be disassembled and disassembled during equipment maintenance;

  7. Ø  ·The main motor drive and star wheel drive are separately equipped with overload protection devices;

  8. Ø  ·The moving components of the equipment, such as feed worm gear and star gear, are equipped with clutches, which need regular maintenance;

  9. Ø  ·For safety, the materials of all moving components are tested.

  10. 6)     About load cell

  11. Ø  ·The electronic weighing module is fixed on the equipment by the components which can be disassembled quickly, and can be replaced quickly when necessary. The unit has good protection device and maintenance free.

  12. Ø  ·Each working cycle and each weighing platform are self-calibrated. The system checks the working state of each weighing platform in each working cycle, updates the data automatically and corrects the filling volume automatically.

  13. Ø  ·Filling process control: in order to obtain accurate filling accuracy, the system optimizes the filling curve, monitors the electronic weighing unit, and then sends a signal to close the filling valve to stop filling or eliminate the signal.

  14. Ø  ·The electronic weighing system adopts online weighing measurement and imported high-quality brand-name product (Flintec) high-precision sensor.

  15. Ø  ·Each container is monitored and the product quality is high.

  16. Ø  ·The weighing platform is equipped with an electronic scale, which is connected to the microprocessor control unit for weighing; each weighing platform works independently and can continuously transmit data to the microprocessor during the filling process.

  17. Ø  ·Each filling head is equipped with an independent weighing and measuring display control unit, and each filling head can be manually controlled and adjusted independently;

  18. Ø  ·The filling accuracy can be detected online, no filling without bottles, and the products with abnormal filling volume (overweight or less weight) can be automatically eliminated;

  1. 7)     Electrical control system


  • In this project, our company adopts PROFIBUS industrial bus, Siemens industrial control computer (i.e. intelligent management, users can understand the production status of filling machine and other relevant information through various interfaces in real time), and reserve bus port to provide services for later upgrading to more advanced central remote control system.

  • ·Control system: adopt the color touch screen which can operate and display all the operation parameters of the equipment in real time. PLC can realize the accumulation of limit deviation and standard deviation. The calibration module can read automatically by one key or by manual single machine. The gross weight, net weight and tare weight can be filled.

  • ·It can store multiple different filling product formulas (different bottle types, different weights, etc.) and only need to call different formulas when changing products.

  • ·Select the filling procedure on the operation panel. A variety of filling procedures (formula of filling products with different bottle types and different weights) can be pre stored or set by the operator at any time. The transfer of bottle type adopts menu management, and only different formulas are needed for product replacement. In order to prevent illegal changes by non operators, passwords are generally set.

  • ·Cover detection, reverse cap detection, conveying chain bottle quantity detection, bottle pouring detection, bottle feeding detection, etc.

  • ·Multiple overload protection devices.

  • ·Constant liquid level control of material cylinder.

  • ·The host is intelligent and humanized, with automatic interlock protection function, automatic circulation cleaning function, automatic fault inquiry function, alarm function, capacity counting function and manual automatic function.

  • ·The main engine is equipped with bottle shortage (blocking) protection: the front and rear bottles of the host are automatically alarmed.

  • ·The filling data per hour can be displayed and recorded on the touch screen.

  • ·The filling volume can be adjusted in the main control panel.


  1. 8)     Safety function

  2. Ø  ·The main motor is equipped with overload protection device; the bottle dividing screw and each star wheel drive are provided with overload protection device independently;

  3. Ø  ·Designed according to CE and national safety standards;

  4. Ø  ·Each protective door is equipped with an independent electronic control safety module. The door opening machine stops or fails to start;

  5. Ø  ·Emergency stop button device is set in many parts of the equipment to ensure that the operator can stop the machine in time and eliminate sudden hidden dangers;

  6. Ø  ·HMI hierarchical operation authority settings, to prevent nonprofessional personnel wrong operation hidden danger (can be defined according to customer needs).

  7. Ø  ·The main engine is equipped with bottle shortage (blocking) protection: the front and rear bottles of the host are automatically alarmed.

  8. Ø  ·Threshold protection: the main engine is equipped with a safety door threshold alarm device. In normal production, the main engine will automatically alarm and shut down when the safety door is opened (four peripheral doors).


9)   On bottle shape conversion

  • ·The bottle type replacement parts are made of oil nylon or polymer plastic and 304 stainless steel;

  • ·The height adjustment of filling machine is fully automatic structure, only need button operation;

  • ·It can quickly complete the production conversion of different bottle types, and the bottle type conversion time is about 120 minutes.


10)  Filling cylinder cleaning

  • ·The buffer tank is provided with a cleaning hole, which is convenient to clean the inside of the cylinder manually when the oil type needs to be changed.

  • ·When changing products, new product oil is needed for cleaning, and spray ball is installed on the top of filling cylinder.

  • ·The product oil is flushed, the filling cylinder is flushed clean, and the oil is discharged from the lower oil drain port of the cylinder.

  • ·The pipeline and filling valve are cleaned. After the filling cylinder is cleaned, the filling cylinder is filled with oil, and the filling valve is opened automatically. The valve and pipeline can be cleaned by oil inlet.

  • ·The oil pipeline and filling head can be cleaned automatically, and the CIP system can realize closed-loop CIP function.


11) Main equipment configuration table


Composition   of the whole machine:

Filling machine /   capping machine (including electrical control system and cap Management)

Main   frame:

Frame   material

304Stainless   steel + tempered glass

Main   frame

The equipment base is   composed of Q345 and Q235 carbon steel, and is coated with 304 stainless   steel

Liquid   tank

304stainless   steel

Liquid   contact part

304stainless   steel

Gear box

HT20-40 gray cast iron

Bearing   seat of filling machine


Bearing   seat of capping machine

304stainless   steel

Drive   shaft of filling machine


Driving   shaft of capping machine

304stainless   steel

Safety   door


PLC brand and model


Brand   of pneumatic components

SMC / AIRTEC Park / or equivalent imported brand

Brand   of low voltage electrical appliances

Schneider or equivalent

Inverter   brand

Danfoss / TE/ Mitsubishi

Brand   of operation screen

Siemens/ Proface

Brand   of photoelectric detection element

Sick / Omron / keens

Main   drive brand


Main   power switch brand

TE (Schneider)

Brand of low voltage electrical appliances

TE (Schneider)

Brand of load cell

Flintec (imported from   Germany)


PLC equipment

PLC performance   configuration





Di / do capacity   (point)

88di / 40do (subject   to change)

Protection mode of di   Port

PLC products

AI / AO capacity   (number of channels)


AI / AO port   protection mode

PLC products

work environment


Frequency converter


Danfoss FC series

Rated capacity

Various, depending on Selection

Rated voltage

380V 3P

Rated current

Various, depending on Selection

FM range


Overload times and time

Depending on motor selection

Harmonic component


Braking resistance (power, resistance value)

No equipment


Cap elevator:

Working mode: lifting type


The Cap lifter will arrange the Cap required by the capping machine and supply it accurately and quantitatively. It is equipped with a control and induction device for the rational capping machine, which can automatically supply the Cap when the Cap quantity is less than the working time, and automatically stop when the Cap quantity is large.

·Cap hopper and frame: 304 stainless steel

·Applicable Cap material: plastic Cap

·Frame (including electrical box, intermediate control box) made of stainless steel (SUS304)

·The base is equipped with foot support, which is easy to move

·All moving parts are equipped with safety Caps

·The conveyor Cap of Cap elevator is flat cloth belt conveyor

·Ultraviolet germicidal lamp

·It can be online controlled with capping machine, and the lifting speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion


2)Main parameters:


Basic   parameters

Nominal capacity:

8,000Caps / hour

Total power:


Power Supply:

3Φ,380V, 50HZ

Applicable Cap material:

Plastic   Cap

Cap hopper:




Transmission brand:


Protection Cap:



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